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Domestic furniture manufacturer is badly in need of major designing a handsome a
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Chinese furniture from 20 centuries 80 time begin to anabiosis, a few years 20 short, china already became furniture to make big country of big country and exit, of development make a person quickly be filled with exultation. Furniture major education also experienced same hair to exhibit course, the school is much, the student is much, corresponding Master, doctor also from do not have have, and the amount is in climb quickly litre. The quality that fostering however, on the ability of contented society demand and level, what differ however is very far. Sun Liang of associate professor of college of technology of job of job of Guangdong suitable heart disclosed a group of such data in an article: The stylist that Chinese furniture company has is less than 3000 people. Furniture saves Guangdong to have company of many 6000 furniture greatly, those who have one's previous experience of regular professional training set plan division to be not worth 600 people. That is to say, average every 10 enterprises have a stylist only. He thinks, china's true professional furniture stylist is rare be short of, have international famous spent stylist has hardly, true professional furniture designs an orgnaization also very few.

The problem that furniture talent shorts is paid close attention to eagerly truly is thing of nearly 9 years only. Not be furniture industry does not need a person before, however before some year without what research and development, design and administrative person with ability, the industry can move all the same and make money, this kind of demand does not have true protruding in the absense of strong economic drive to show come. Rise in price in the round as raw material, as " land uncultivated land " , " electric shortage " and " laborer barren " the occurrence that waits for resource shortage, adjust as what export drawback rate, as the product coessential change competition to turn white-hot, as enterprise innovation ability and administrative ability increasingly have too many problems to deal with, the enterprise experienced the pressure that never has had and crisis. Want to break through a tight encirclement, develop a new style or a new method of one's own, promote again and strong big, feel however ability not equal to one's ambition. Entrepreneur people realize need talent strongly, need the research and development, design, talented person that runs a side. The talent's demand, already extremely urgent.

The reason is analysed

Magnificent the big country of ten population, talent natural resources is unusually substantial. Sheet is told from educational angle, the relevant graduate of education is not little also, but unluckily furniture industry lacks a person with ability. Why can this everyday industry lack a person with ability? Make us simple make analyse.

Make furniture, often should reach a suburban district or go in rural factory, working environment is harsher, pollute small, noise the furniture factory of low, bright and clean is very few after all. It is college graduate, graduate student graduation likewise, pay is lower than other industry. With compare with age person photograph, psychological drop is big, think oneself value comes out now without direct system, below the drive of actual profit, change his profession make their only choice it seems that. Furniture industry resembles China western leave hair is same, facing same situation. This kind of state is China not just, whole Asia country has similar appearance.
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