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Chinese furniture industry grows a trend to analyse
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Respond to a curtain call of times of sudden huge profits, small profit period is performed
Chinese furniture, 2000 furniture total production value 130 billion RMB, export 3.565 billion dollar, grow every year with the speed of 15%-20% to 2007 all the time, export growth rate is in 20%-30% , this inviting big market brings about business circles strive to be the first to be squeezed into furniture this industry, chinese furniture creates a company 2000 20 thousand, 2003 60 thousand, 2007 80 thousand, beijing sends furniture, furniture of furniture of plain clique furniture, clique of short for Zhejiang Province, clique of another name for Guangdong Province resides one party each, each are gotten coquettish, sichuan Chengdu, zhejiang installs auspicious, Ning Bo, these furniture basically produce Guangdong Shenzhen, Fosan, Dongguan base, furniture company becomes times growth every year, furniture sells a business area to develop and also expand as the market, beijing from before " unexpectedly " monodrama reachs much now home of furniture city chorally; Shenzhen contends for hegemony to 7 countries from tripartite confrontation of the Three Kingdoms; Walk into furniture city before, the product is single, the firm is single, walk into furniture city now, product full of beautiful things in eyes, before a few years of estate all the way whirlwind rises, furniture also as all the way Gao Ge, buy a house, one when buy furniture compares an ox. Estate came down calmly, form sharp contrast of the slow growth of furniture demand gross and production into cup growth, let make furniture, the person that sells furniture feels awkwardness can'ts bear, raw material rises, 10 thousand yuan of products, need 8000 yuan of cost of raw materials before, need 8500 yuan now, 500 yuan of profit are compressed; Artificial expenses rises, 10 thousand yuan of products, press 1 person one day to finish, before is 40 yuan, now is 60 yuan, 10 thousand yuan of profit are little 20 yuan, overhead expenses rises bring about profit shrink 100 yuan; If be export business, exit drawback drops 200 yuan, increase other cost, such computation from before the profit shrink of 10% arrives 1%-3% , do not take care with respect to lose money in business.

Change management to replace extensive type to manage subtly
Furniture company is traditional manufacturing industry, not tall to technical requirement, historical origin, up to now of folk " carpenter " the effect that backward to economy area still is producing furniture to make, type makes the furniture mill that makes by hand still scatter in folk, a lot of furniture companies come from manufacturing industry of such mill type furniture, escalate dimensions, add mechanical equipment, accordingly, special on management extensive, type of this kind of extensive manages or to do not have a system, or system stops on paper face, institution make unpredictable changes in policy, lack the research of pair of specific management methods and method, sex of specific aim, operation and executive force is not powerful, industry organization framework and function locate cannot reasonable clarity, administrative administrative levels is more, administrative efficiency is low, satisfy at going almost, gave an issue mutual shift responsibility onto others, dispute over trifles.
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