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Building city is encountered " cold winter " light is found in road of furniture
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2008, will tell to furniture industry of China, be eventful autumn. The concussion of natural and man-made disaster, export the influence of drawback, of building city gloomy wait for terminal industry to furniture inflict heavy losses on, make furniture industry got destroy unprecedentedly. Furniture industry also is undergoing unprecedented test.

The current situation: Of furniture industry " inside care " and " foreign aggression "

Of raw material price rise, the addition of the furniture cost that manpower cost step up caused, make the cost pressure of furniture company increases. Began June from last year, the price accumulative total of the raw material such as alloy of makings of lumber, skin, metal rose 5% to 20% differ, rise in price as raw material, furniture goods price rises generally also, of all kinds family property, decorate the price such as material to go up on average already achieved 10% to 20% differ.

Furniture is the downstream industry of estate, all sorts of fluctuant can immediate impacts of estate are excellent have an industry. 2007 of building city fervent to household course of study brought very big business chance, make its get rapid development, and enter 2008, building city " inflection point " appear, the household industry nature that regards its as downstream industry gets " embroil " . This year, the country is right large and medium-sized house price of the city had macroscopical adjusting control, a few big cities wait in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, price getting a house drops influence, the person that be about to buy a house is in wait-and-see condition tardy, make the rate that make a room falls continuously, the house sells do not go out, why to talk about follow-up consumption again? The real-estate industry of big city is in low fan, natural embroil is excellent those who provide each sell the sales volume of field greatly, make the whole industry of furniture is in not lukewarm not igneous condition.

Total bureau of the Ministry of finance and national tax Wu was released jointly last year " the announcement that total bureau of Wu of tax of state of Ministry of finance exports drawback to lead about moving small part goods " , the commodity that cancels to export drawback is involved " board of leather, part and one-time wood " , the merchandise that drops exit to withdraw tax rate is involved " plastic reach its with stone of balata and its goods, part and pottery and porcelain goods of goods, partial iron and steel, furniture, and fiber sticking gum " . Rate of furniture exit drawback is reduced to 11% or 9% , rate of drawback of partial wood exit is reduced to 5% . Exit drawback new policy is carried out, the RMB appreciates, make the profit that furniture exports glides considerably, exit furniture company goes before hardship is medium.

First half of the year, the production value of company of furniture of above of our country dimensions amounts to 85.3 billion yuan of RMBs, add speed to amount to 30.22%% ; Entire industry exports the forehead to amount to 8.43 billion dollar, grow 29.2%% compared to the same period. Exit is added fast be not a favour too quickly, prosperous backside, reflect those who give industry of our country furniture to produce already can serious superfluous. Bring about the United States to be carried out to Chinese wooden furniture from this turn over a dumping, the European Union also considers be being provided to Chinese software home undertake the dumping is investigated turning over, furniture industry is undergoing the test of camp of this international trade.
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