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Suitable heart furniture transfers industrial garden form a complete set not to
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Furniture distributors works overtime in former days the occasion that deliver goods is very scarce already.

The worker is machining cany chair. The small company that lacks actual strength is faced with fall into disuse.

In former years September, if knit,wife of city of a few old furniture sheds suitable heart, appear nowadays cold and cheerless a lot of.

NO.8 furniture

Huang Chao, renown artisan highs, collect float palace. The room of imagination is filled in these names, putting furniture is one kind is short of regret.

Actually, they are brand of suitable heart furniture. Happy from, Long Jiang is not short of furniture manufacturer, just, the flourishing age picture that in former days workshop hires hard is walked along nowadays building sky is replaced. This gets economy on one hand of course big environment place is tired, and the influence that the industry shifts also is the fact that does not dispute.

Of furniture factory close down to resemble a domino, produced chain reaction. A few foreign worker worker leave Fosan to find another way of living. Of this kind of labour force " transfer " , be not in " double move " inside the scope that policymaker place defines.

Industrial move policy already was in carry out, "Basket " vacate a space ceaselessly, however the current situation with uneven enterprise is maintained as before, the industry also did not upgrade accordingly. Place has appeal of governmental public figure: Move of wait a moment, furniture line of business undertakes effective conformity more pressing.

"Say good-bye " return to native place

Furniture factory closes down force a ministry to divide foreign worker worker to leave Fosan additional seek one's fortune, worker 揾 labour appears easy, hiring is relatively more difficult than before, the doorway is sticking some furniture factories to hire advertisement all the year round. It is bad and OK that employee is done find new job, the boss is done bad to can jump only building.

Li Yan cannot think of, fosan, this city that struggled 5 years for it, she will leave eventually 2008.

Although had changed several furniture to produce a business, dan Liyan have not has left suitable De Longjiang, pursue human affairs job all the time. The husband opened store of a vehicle maintenance and repair in countryside of duckweed of native place Jiangxi. "He does not wish to come out, I do not go back again, live apart with respect to such two ground so. " two people marry 3 years to part all the time, but very fast, this kind of condition should end.

9 month 28 days, 3 inferior - brief halt of the train on the north south Shanghai keeps Fosan railway station, li Yan is delaying a big case, carry a big package on the back, ascended return country itinerary. The furniture factory that oneself had worked closes down recently, together with husband wants to beg again and again, she eventually resolved a native place and its meet. "Can change other industry again, but when to perhaps close, still go back. " she does not know she comes to Fosan the next time can be when, can coming again is an unknown.
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