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The quality that identifies furniture is simple and easy doohickey
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① ark kind the structure of cabinet put oneself in another's position of furniture is inattentive, tenon union position is not firm, have tenon, break makings circumstance to produce; board of the roof of man-made board furniture, door or window frame, motherboard and side hill use nail connection, craft is extremely unreasonable.

② drawer does not have tenon, without groove, drawer bottom is not had take; drawer structure place is inattentive, tenon construction part does not use gum, place drawer is helped and block a head up to use nail connection.

③ lumber not via dry processing, structure of interior of furniture of moisture content tall; uses the wood that decayed lumber and insect still continue to erode.

④ is used stuff is serious unreasonable, use paring batten, medium the door side that density batten does chest, pillar, before maintain, drawer is maintained etc bearing component.

The body after ⑤ pier glass is not had, without layering, with glass of; of nail fixed position board of door or window frame is done with nail hold in the palm annul, cause glass extremely easily broken, endanger person security.

The functional dimension of ⑥ furniture does not accord with the requirement that the standard sets. The short of of height of the space that hang the garment that is like coat ark 1350 millimeter, short of of deepness of the space that hang the garment 520 millimeter, lose use function.

The in-house lumber moisture content of ⑦ dermal sofa is high, bat thin, belt bark, use break off crack material, decayed material reachs bug corrode capable person.

⑧ sofa frame uses nail structure, do not open tenon, do not punch a hole, do not use gum. The structure becomes loose, not firm.

The interior of ⑨ sofa and soft mattess uses the palm felt of the useless old gunny-bag that does not accord with wholesome standard and mildewy snake and felt.

Quality of exterior of ⑩ furniture product is coarse. Wooden furniture has Bao Mu accumulates glue with the bedding face that stick a face, soft mat of beautiful serious; and sofa include paint scene cloth dental floss is not straight, much place jumps line; product does not have brand, did not make clear producing area and company name, did not stick quality grade mark.