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2008 " furniture has · freely China " entrepreneur forum
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  Time: On October 8, 2008 afternoon

  Place: Madrid of hotel of Shenzhen city intercontinental hall

  Sponsor an unit: Channel of furniture of net of Sohu net focus

  Support media: Magazine of fortune of Asia-Pacific furniture newspaper, Shenzhen furniture newspaper, renown furniture newspaper, home, bead trigonometry furniture newspaper

Channel of furniture of focal household net, focus net undertakes direct seeding of article of whole journey graph, it is memoir of forum whole journey below.

[compere: Gu Sha Sha] each guest, everybody good afternoon! Welcome everybody presence sponsors by channel of furniture of Sohu net, focus net " furniture has · entrepreneur forum " . I am the Gu Sha Sha of Sohu company.

Hold to drive furniture industry progress, offer the thought inside course of study to communicate platform, promotion furniture company manages horizontal tenet, plan of channel of furniture of Sohu net, focus net sponsors " furniture has · entrepreneur forum " series city forum, since holding the first in November 2007, hold 3 successfully already, get furniture industry attention and support, become the thought platform with Chinese furniture essential industry.

Today, "Furniture has · freely China " the forum of entrepreneur of the 4th furniture of series, pulled open heavy curtain here, thank the presence of everybody again.

Suffer move of macroscopical adjusting control of change of American banking crisis, exchange rate, home, industry, raw material to rise in price, cost rises and low the influence of the element such as confused estate market, the economic environment of international home is producing profound change increasingly. No matter be the furniture business development in internationalization process, still be in of home market develop, facing more good luck and challenge.

We the form that this second forum also will use round-table dialogue, with " the furniture industry below current and macroscopical economic situation grows " for the theme, invite leader of the expert scholar that produces industry of classics bound, furniture, industry to undertake the spot opens type conversation, thought communication, observe reality with world vision, ponder over a problem with global consciousness, with future of strategic thinking plan, study what the industry changes to go situation, examine an enterprise to develop pattern, those who ponder over globalization setting to fall is medium the country provides domestic opportunity and challenge.

Above all, each honored guest that allows me to introduce to attend forum today please, they are:
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