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State home rents: Initiate new pattern of furniture industry channel
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The occurrence of state home, the times that sells customer furniture directly is terminative. This new channel that appears in order to hire industry condition, become the big heat that furniture industry discussed recently. It is big batch ground purchases furniture to furniture manufacturer, and raise green, environmental protection, energy-saving strict requirement to manufacturer; It expresses external, it is to want to offer to consumer " 6 stars class " the opportunity that chamberlain serves. This new student, to furniture industry, mysterious and fresh cannot be opposite however its oversight.

Conventional furniture sells the challenger of field

Furniture market is a model sell a brand strong the trade that makes a brand at furniture. Average consumer remembers the furniture that buys where only, and forget the furniture that those who buy is what brand. Because economic progress of China is lopsided, current furniture market channel or the form that sell a brand shop with agency + are given priority to, the tradition sells what still hold main market share and furniture industry inside a paragraph of quite long period is medium cheap market.
Of course even if the political reform that furniture market also produced channel of a few similar home appliance in recent years develops a tendency, a lot of new-style sell field general oneself to be managed as the brand, and the product brand that sells its serves as foil and the brand endorses, take pair of brand furniture seriously reveal.
But no matter furniture sells how to change, the revolution of essential sex cannot be formed on sale means, it is furniture industry only forever " the country is beautiful " " Su Ning " . Go down so, what can foreknow is, prospective furniture company also can is faced with for certain excessive depend on large furniture to interlink channel, the situation that final profit is dangered by channel nibble.
Below this kind of circumstance, search the ditch with more appropriate more against a rainy day, make a sore point of furniture company. Right now with " the Dalian that rent is locked up " the cooperative new target that the state home that the form appears becomes a supplier. As we have learned, state home is opposite through early days of furniture manufacturer purchase, on one hand dish lived inventory, " dead money " became " vivid money " , those who accelerate company assets is current; Added sale channel, sale and net gain on the other hand, lowered the bad Zhang rate of receivable Zhang money, capital of fast steam again. On terminal sale, state home comes true from sell consumer product to transform to what hire a product, also let hope to be able to be in the furniture company in the Red Sea of modern trade competition to see " blue sea market " .

Have profit with contact with of the company that rent

Contemporary rent more unfamiliar to the Chinese, but the country that exceeds 25% in the global permeability that rent has 4: The United States, Australia, Sweden, Korea. Be in the United States, after World War II of the traceable that rent. At that time, american slump, the product is slow-moving. Sell capacity to enlarge an enterprise, the kind that some enterprises begin to adopt instalment sells its product, introduced the mode that rent then. In the United States nowhere does not see rented sign nowadays, company of almost all United States is accepted rent, or had done rent, rent consumable from equipment etc, ave lane has " Lease " model of written characters. The United States has 4200 companies that rent about now, the portfolio of every company is 2000-4000 on average 10 thousand dollars.
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