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Furniture of Le Conggong wood exhibited the area that exhibit an area to be cale
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The 4th China (happy from) exposition of annatto furniture art and Jingdezhen art pottery and porcelain are exhibited will on October 17 - be in 26 days city of furniture of area of suitable couplet north is held, exhibit an area to will achieve 50 thousand square metre at the appointed time, those who be calendar year most.

   Increase be on sale to change onefold exhibition function

Current exhibit can save economy of region of furniture association, suitable heart by Guangdong Board of Trade, happy from the town people government is mixed association of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain serves as sponsor an unit, happy from furniture association assist do, new happy from furniture city limited company undertakes, exhibit can return will save major of collector association furniture with Guangdong association of home of Tibet of ancient bronze mirror of cultural relic of city of committee, Fosan, suitable De Jian hides an association to wait for an orgnaization together.

Your opinion of chief inspector of center of layout of suitable couplet group introduces, current the color that before exhibiting meeting general to change 3 lay particular stress on show at enjoying a sex, aggrandizement " exhibition is on sale meeting " form, on the base that in artistic appreciation the gender shows, strengthen exhibit meeting hurried to become trading ability.

As we have learned, exhibit conference action business to extend countrywide each district from Guangdong limits, besides new meeting, time great river of hill of Yu, stage, Zhongshan emerges greatly outside base of 4 bright red wood, will increase celestial being of Shenzhen, Fujian to swim again, the base of classic furniture industry such as Zhejiang Dong Yang, brand amount also will continue to increase, include predestined relationship of furniture of Tibet of vasting river allusion, Ou, Buddha to be mixed bright Qing Dynasty, An Fengtang, easily the brand such as beautiful house, still will cooperate with center of artwork of world of Chen Cun flowers.

   Be about to buy house of annatto furniture culture newly

In Yuan Shunlian project of city of boreal area annatto reachs a share outdoors on the foundation that exhibits an area, current exhibit can indoor exhibition hall to predict to will raise house of culture of furniture of new project annatto the area of 10 thousand square metre; Outdoors exhibit an area to also will increase scope of 10000 square metre, expand further; Gross area will amount to 50 thousand square metre, in will making annatto furniture trade, the largest major is exhibited meeting.

Exhibit an area besides furniture of professional archaize annatto outside, current exhibit can return will continue to organize collect carefully of furniture of civilian antiquated annatto to exhibit He Jingde to press down collect carefully of artistic pottery and porcelain to taste an exhibition. The product will appear related more Chinese tradition household at current exhibit meeting site, include carve of inkstone of pottery and porcelain, painting and calligraphy, pen, woodcarving, strange stone, root, ivory to wait.
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