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" furniture guides purchase 6 essential factor " read result
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The Olympic Games returns special exhibit, on September 8, in Dongguan name furniture is exhibited on the meeting, company of software of furniture of husband of author organization number " how does furniture company walk out of administrative difficult position " when the seminar, exhibit in furniture on the meeting, look at will exhibit, in mouth of stair of 3 shops first floor exhibition of book of one furniture industry is in, " furniture guides purchase 6 essential factor " one book attracted author eyeball.

Have the honor to read this book, your person stops roll cannot, " furniture guides purchase 6 essential factor " Wen Bingmao of to in an attempt to, language of data, form, spot, experiment, real story analysed furniture to guide buy essentials, to be engaged in furniture industry personnel, especially for sale personnel, this is a rational has according to, have fresh the case, good book that has depth. This book tells what our furniture line of business guides the member that buy is faced with clearly to live the crisis, how to develop a tight encirclement again? Whole book from " awareness " , " idea " , " condition " , " flow " , " morpheme " , " tool " wait for 6 respects to guide for furniture line of business the member that buy is felt pulse, guide to furniture line of business the member that buy, between the lines is disclosing constantly " type of pressing with a finger " the good book of the influence. Break up at will at first read " furniture guides purchase 6 essential factor " this book, thinking is furniture guides only the book of the member that buy, although I am done, is furniture industry software, think sale software and sale furniture are not identical. Reread, attracted me deeply, think this is a sale guideline reader that has value extremely, it can heighten your perception to sale quickly, not just the sale of furniture of bureau be confined to, the sale ability to help salesperson establish and him promotion. Through learning the truth in the book, can make our salesperson more more positive attitude goes facing guest, job and his, and the job that the heart with be thankful goes to facing each days and life. Gentleman of author king king is advocated " selling pattern is furniture the only way with monopolistic flourishing career " viewpoint, make sale personnel sale a kind of new strategy.

The most commendable is the person such as gentleman of author king king pursues furniture industry sale, guide buy ten years, originate completely of personal practice accumulate, and be not an elephant a lot of other books are same, to write a book, and go investigating, interview, all things are a record just, such author draws up the thing that come has sense of reality, write just like Cao Xueqin " red Lou Meng " same, if Cao Laoxian is born to had not experienced a noble to arrive,fall aristocratic process, he is very difficult draw up this world famous book comes.

Furniture guides purchase the first essential factor -- awareness. Explain above all " the crisis that guides the member that buy is faced with " reason, guide the member that buy is become brittle article, make the short-lived trade that has green meal, it is because of daily consumable sale character, guide the member that buy is simple physical labor only, the clerk works, its value is lost " guide buy " function. And in furniture industry, guide the member that buy is not such, although furniture is the thing that tentacle can reach, but the person of deepness understanding furniture is not much, furniture bears the weight of culture, history, furniture is contain art, aesthetic, furniture has function, property, toothpaste of people choice soap is very so easy, see the value, see a brand, but choose furniture to differ, function, price, material a variety of angle such as qualitative, modelling, brand, and furniture is durable taste, to a family or enterprise character, buying furniture is very prudent thing, the demand that buys to guiding accordingly is very high, like in be just like a book, be being mentioned, furniture guides buy should become furniture adviser, just be outstanding guide buy. "Furniture guides the member that buy needs to have higher culture culture and social communication capacity, want to have higher aesthetic capability and performance capacity, do good furniture to guide itself of the member that buy is one in artistic pursuit " . This basically are the part that tells furniture to guide the member that buy realises him, assumed responsibility.
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