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From 3 deer stone door incident sees problem of quality of baby child furniture
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This paragraph of time, door incident makes 3 deer stone bubbling with noise, each district of close recently whole nation explodes a calculous baby incident, company of many milk products also in succession fish milk powder, milk contain different content 3 get together cyanogen amine, for a short while people talks grandma color to change.

On the press conference that saves a government 14 days to hold in Heibei, heibei saves Shi Guizhong of vice director of department of politics of Public Security Department to say, through investigation, case group policeman understands 3 deer milk powder to be divided before selling customer purchase for raw milk and raw material, manufacturing treatment, product stores, current sale 4 link. Around these 4 link, the policeman develops investigation work, eliminated in succession in the sale current, product stores, mix into of manufacturing treatment link is entered 3 get together of cyanogen amine but can quality, investigate raw milk the target to launch investigation as the key then.

3 deer group suckles origin to basically have 4 kinds of ways formerly, it is grass mode, raise 100 above milk cow to unite centrally namely collect a grandma to carry; 2 it is mode of village of milk cow breed aquatics, provide a ground by village owner namely, grandma farming is respective inside the village him feed milk cow, unite by the village collect a grandma to deserve to send; 3 it is to milk hall mode, by the grandma farming come loose severally raise milk cow, to milk hall is unified collect a grandma to carry; 4 it is above across of 3 kinds of means.

The investigation that case group policeman passes a many month obtains evidence the job, the village, the Communist Party of China that suckle hall breeds to discover 41 have mix into to enter in Shijiazhuang city grazing land, milk cow 3 get together the great suspicion of cyanogen amine, and in September 12 day before dawn had check, the spot hunted down a batch of doubt to be like 3 get together the article of cyanogen amine. As we have learned, 3 get together cyanogen amine is a kind of industrial chemicals, as additive, after can making raw milk enters clear water in mix into, still accord with buy a level, be used by illegal element so adulteration makes false, increase profit of to in an attempt to of the quantity that deliver a milk.

Baby child things pays close attention to all the time by people, the infant is the future of parents, family, country, be most the group that gets people to take seriously, infant things produces business to should make clear the responsibility that he bears, not due careless, also do not answer to do the thing of black heart to earn more money. Enterprise of a lot of milk powder produces inferior milk powder to bring about infant sicken even get killed, this kind of tragedy is the enterprise loses morality, lose conscience place to lead to, hereat meaning commits murder, but enterprise also cannot accidentally injure or manslaughter person. Incident of 3 deer milk powder although the problem goes in fountainhead, but 3 deer company can not say to do not have implication.
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