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Classic furniture regards contemporary furniture as his thematic walk along a br
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In September 2008 8-11 day, exposition of furniture of international of Guangzhou of the 22nd China will be in wide hand in meeting Pa continent exhibit a house to hold. Household of Chinese Guangzhou international is acted the role of article, the home spins cloth art exhibition to hold the corresponding period, in " large household " do the guidance that extends a concept, exhibit common explanation with furniture of the 22nd Guangzhou " large household " one-stop purchase new way, compose builds life of fashionable high grade.

Current fall furniture is exhibited first tone period comes to was held in September, will continue to serve as its with contemporary furniture, classic furniture thematic, exhibit can exhibit gross area will achieve 130 thousand square metre, attracted ginseng of nearly 700 global famous businesses to exhibit; Exhibit meeting audience to be registered beforehand eagerly, up to the audience that registered beforehand on August 18 total number is amounted to 3, 405 people, relatively toward the corresponding period grew about 14% , among them 1, 243 people are abroad audience.

   Fractionize postpones area, produce and sale more flourishing

Civil and contemporary 7 when exhibit an area to will use Pa continent to exhibit house B area exhibit a house, buy the home to look around to go to the lavatory purchase, exhibit meeting group to do square farther fractionize zone of item on display. 9.1, 10.1, 3 11.1 exhibit a house to exhibit an area for furniture of software, sofa, attracted such as red apple, consider the ginseng of well-known trademark enterprise such as the home, left and right sides to exhibit; Board type furniture, real wood furniture and hotel furniture will be in 12.2, two 13.2 exhibit a house to exhibit, among them division of liquor store furniture is to cater to domestic public house to adorn profession of form a complete set of swift and violent development demand, exhibit in autumn furniture first in one of added subject matter; 13.1 houses will be metallic glass furniture to exhibit an area to reach respectively with 12.1 houses exhibit a house integratedly. Buy a season that purchases outdoors furniture to differ somewhat in view of the international of different area, accordingly, exhibit the furniture outside open an account with the bank still is being set inside the house integratedly to exhibit an area.

   Match well of Chinese and Western, brand gathers together

"The brand is changed, internationalization " it is civil furniture contemporary the two large window that exhibit an area, come round to join the domestic famous brand that exhibit to have: Confederative, promote interest, consider the home, left and right sides, Huang Chao, be good at power, fruit of of Sidiluolan, Gong Ping, elegant cypress etc, abroad ginseng exhibits an enterprise to include: SITRA of HOTTRAX of INDEX of U2LIVING of OLE of Spanish COLONO, United States, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, CHINFON and MARCOCO, Singapore. The ginseng that comes from different district exhibits business to bring the individual character design of diversity: Wind of ethical wind, Ba Luo gram, luxurious adornment, contracted and delicate model... the product that provides distinguishing feature each reveals the vane that will offer vogue and grade for guest.
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