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Furniture of Sheng Fang international reads extensively the city is purchased th
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News background: Traceable of industry of furniture of Shengfang metal glass 20 centuries reforming and opening of 80 time China is earlier, begin from desktop of desk of the manual iron pipe that make and circumference, through 20 old development, had become at present have company of furniture of metallic Bo Li many 1300, produce per year metallic glass furniture to make an appointment with 30 million, take the of 65% furniture industry town of military importance of crop of furniture of countrywide metal glass. 2005, association of Chinese light industry and Chinese furniture association are awarded grant Chinese Heibei saves Sheng Fang of bully state city to press down " base of industry of furniture of Chinese metal glass " title.

Compere bilingual chair, revealing Sheng Fang to move toward the process of internationalization with open stance

On September 16, 2008 morning, furniture of glass of Shengfang metal of the 2nd China is purchased can be in city of Heibei bully state to get the better of fragrant international furniture to read extensively the city opens. Attend an opening ceremony have come from city of association of furniture of Department of Commerce, China, bully state government, other the leader of association of each province furniture, and the industry expert that comes from country and the area such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany and home to visit town each, purchase business and agency. This second purchase meeting with " vane of market of furniture of global metal glass " for the theme, will come 18 days continuously from September 16.

Come from global industry expert, agency, agent

Xin Shaojie of secretary of municipal Party committee of members of standing committee of Langfang municipal Party committee, bully state makes a speech

On the opening ceremony, bully state city and Sheng Fang press down concerned leader to express, metallic glass furniture regards Sheng Fang's characteristic as the industry, have the advantage that other furniture city cannot compare, furniture of glass of Shengfang metal of the 2nd China purchases meeting general to build greatly to purchase business and agency domestic and internationally good communicate and trade platform, also be domestic and international enterprise and the metallic glass furniture that buy the home to develop first selection of Chinese home market purchase platform, be sure to lead metallic glass furniture the industry to multidimensional degree, collect is changed about, comfortable model on direction puissant development. Purchase a division this, more outstanding Sheng Fang international furniture reads extensively the industrial dominant position of the city, pay attention to the industry promotion of the brand more, accomplish the internationalization that postpone business and audience to specialization, aim at economy of battalion of demand of international of domestic town field, butt joint, development civilian to become exhibit of the meeting direct clearly, extend the global market of Sheng Fang and company of furniture of area of annulus Bohai Sea further, drive the brand force that gets the better of fragrant furniture, see gain of furniture of Sheng Fang international with all one's strength the city is made become " furniture of global metal glass purchases a center " .
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