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Furniture greets consumption wave is new adjust intense
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From go up century 90 time end up to now, china has become current world furniture to produce as big as consumption country. During this, classics of furniture industry experience two important development period and phase: From contented and basic household the first time of demand consumes a climax, change consumptive level to the whole set that makes up generally, furniture industry is in had while dimensions is changed and finished product changes a basis, will face new challenge again. From the near future " development of the innovation that occupy the home affects China " forum comes out to cease about disappear: The furniture that optimizes with mature high end and high-quality goods consumes a climax the 3rd times coming, the new market pattern that new requirement asks to suit to it necessarily, furniture industry adjusts extremely urgent.

   Furniture sells field character hardware and software the service indispensable

Sell as a furniture fall in current situation, the person that how to make an offset expend has appeal, have affinity to the businessman, make the consumptive argument that a consumer can accept, to selling will tell appear particularly important.

To this, the expert inside course of study thinks, before two consumption climax causes furniture to sell do from hardware adjust, and be faced with consumptive climax the 3rd times, in assure hardware product while, should pay attention to software more, the promotion that serves namely. As sell will tell, want the ceaseless item that adds a service, extend the space of the service ceaselessly, want to satisfy the requirement of the high-grade consumption that raises ceaselessly at the same time.

   The brand is a magic weapon of furniture industry get the upper hand of

Be faced with consumptive climax the 3rd times, furniture industry is same make new adjustment. To this, shenzhen is good the CEO Ai Xiao of hundred years Inc. thinks, be in the 3rd times before consumptive climax, quickening the outspread, set up shop that connect a lock is a foundation. Consume the demand of the height to be satisfied the 3rd times, the practice with furniture best industry is the rate that should accelerate set up shop, prospective market sells nationally can hold furniture to consume the market advocate channel, and the concentration that prospective furniture sells the sale channel of field is spent also meet taller and taller.

Get the upper hand of of the brand on the foundation in chain is crucial. The expert points out, of the requirement that includes quality, environmental protection, individuation to furniture product as consumer rise ceaselessly, also need to promote ceaselessly and be optimized in industry condition field. Want to let consumer agree with you on the other hand, the partner can agree with you, must want to make a brand that lets consumer self-identity, this brand includes its connotation, include the option of the product that offers to consumer, the service that wrap draw together, sale is waited a moment, the choice of ultimate consumer is choice brand certainly. Can go to the choice where shopping as satisfy him the first choice of live demand. So prospective brand is the most crucial factor of get the upper hand of certainly.
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