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Global economy weighs cold China household how to answer big catch a cold
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United States of the compartment there saves city program to steep fall greatly through encountering however, here compartment China stock market trades at first after the golden week day is low low go, butterfly effect go into effect makes on the verge of breaking out of global economy crisis. The netizen says jokingly, what this time works is far the happiness than becoming a boss -- work still have income of a wage, do returns so that be employee salary be anxious of the boss.

Newspaper supplement has been hit " cut down the member of persons employed " tide rises how, how to guard the duty field such as rice bowl to seek advice, in " cold winter is talked " fly all over the sky 2008, global Jing Jimi has heavy cold, what China lives in course of study to also do not break what is appropriate to the occasion is big have catch a cold, household industry whether find those who cure its disease " new Kangtaike " the straw that Or is an idle dream merely?

China of global economy heavy cold lives in big catch a cold of course of study

The expert inside course of study says, examine a standard that whether economic crisis comes is " the enterprise closes down, worker unemployment. Productivity suffers extremely havoc. Productivity suffers extremely havoc..

The decline of industrial punish storm and economic environment lets once the Fosan ceramics industry of high-spirited and vigorous is terribly defeated: Inadvertently this locality loves big company battle, avoid the enterprise advancement pace of nonlocal market is thrown into confusion, look forward to of the contented below weigh each seek one's fortune, do not search good to outlet from beginning to end however; Group of new bright phearl makes 1000 people by force off be drawn for business development countless guess, fast dilate encounters the market " slippery iron Lu " contented look forward to buries sheet for strategic error, this cost is too heavy rather also. Conclude finally, estimation of expert of senior pottery and porcelain can stay in the ceramics industry of Fosan to may be less than 30 to finally. Face such condition, person of Fosan contented industry is afraid empty remnant is old tear two.

According to law of Chinese ink humble: If a business grows to bad direction likely, regular meeting develops to worst direction. Law of Chinese ink humble provides the play on the environmental protection problem of course of study to get incisively and vividly in Chinese home: The exposition of furniture of international of the 22nd Guangzhou at the beginning of September answered global economic depression with its gloomy stream of people, the murder case that causes because of one canister milk powder ever since touchs global nerve, the credit that the country escapes check system is short of lose disaster and furniture job, be afraid this is not careless problem, however " tree " responsibility. Furniture formaldehyde problem in the ascendant, ocean the other shore explodes again " takes a Dongguan sofa " gives eczema, the intermediary outside wanting blame is fussily, body hair skin of the foreigner follows Chinese darling same pity is expensive.
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