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Did quality problem already become what course to follow of industry of furnitur
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   The first, the social sense of responsibility of the enterprise remains aggrandizement

Furniture quality problem formed a kind of shadow in consumer heart, your the on thin ice when a lot of consumer are choosing furniture, not know what to do. In recent years quality problem becomes furniture to complain heat and not be confined to armour aldehyde to exceed bid, excitant odour, product is out of shape, cave in, case skin, craze, shrink, fade, open glue, structure to shake the question that etc is consumer report, broad consumer produced the trustful crisis of deepness to furniture product. Occupied solution, furniture ranks Beijing product two years to complain the 2nd when measure seniority continuously, be what reason brings about household product after all again and again cruel give quality issue?

The competition of business of most main furniture of reason nothing is more... than, competition forces an enterprise to must be solved through all sorts of methods, controlling cost while make furniture product quality encountered shrink. Have a few even exceeding of irresponsible enterprise to seek company profit, use in producing a course a few not the material of environmental protection, make inferior product still in the market current, cause massive harm to consumer, also bring block to hinder to industry development at the same time.

The social sense of responsibility of aggrandizement enterprise is imperative. Serve as especially " boss " the person must understand: As the society individual, what kind of responsibility and obligation should assume to country and social place? If say capital decides the enterprise is done,do greatly strong, so of the social sense of responsibility of entrepreneur lose by force, concern enterprise oneself to be able to develop continuously not only and can last of economy, environment and society with the country closely related development. Retreat an administrative levels and character, be short of lack sincere letter, support is damaged environment and damage consumer interest to come to the enterprise of low cost dilate, it is immoral not only, and such development also is hard abiding.

   The 2nd, industry government blind spot is solved urgently

At present great majority detects what the branch uses is 18584 check mark allows, detected means is the distinction according to raw material, size proportionate sampling, the norms of sample is 50x150 millimeter, undertake 3 edges approved sample, reentry desiccator collect, collect ends to have collect liquid the analysis, in order to decide whether harmful material content exceeds bid, but this kind detects the method just detects the formaldehyde that gives unit volume releases a quantity, the size that follows furniture did not concern a department, also not the quantity that itself of furniture of can real report releases formaldehyde inside the room. This also arose to detect formaldehyde releases a quantity to amount to mark but arrived in user home the phenomenon that the formaldehyde content in air exceeds bid likely however; Formaldehyde of identical small desk of material make it releases a quantity to amount to mark but the phenomenon that ark of make it coat can amount to mark with respect to may not. This also makes appeared in qualitative check many problems.
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