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Chinese furniture association rises abruptly quickly 20 years attract worldwide
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The great event with Chinese furniture the grandest industry -- Chinese furniture association holds water 20 years to celebrate congress, was in center of beautiful conference of international of Shanghai Pudong Shanghai to be held ceremoniously on September 11, 2008. Bead trigonometry furniture reporter attended the meeting and made whole journey cover a report.

The country provides association director Gu Qingwen in, in Chinese furniture association association of congress of 4 4 director enlarge and congratulatory China furniture establishs congress 20 years to go up, published ebullient address. He says: "When marking reforming and opening ceremoniously 30 years around the country, we received the great rejoicing day that Chinese furniture association establishs 20 years. It is China these 20 years 20 years when rise abruptly quickly, it is hair of high speed of Chinese furniture industry 20 years when exhibit, also be trend of Chinese furniture association 20 brilliant years.

20 annual produce grow 130 times exit to grow 294 times

According to bead trigonometry furniture reporter understands, reforming and opening makes Chinese furniture line of business got the hundred years development chance that does not receive. 30 since reforming and opening years the industry finished a Chinese furniture by the change of planned economy system to market economy, came true to machine the job change to modern industry by the tradition, the furniture that makes the world fix eyes upon makes big country and big country of the first exit.

Came 1978 1988, it is the transition that Chinese furniture line of business transforms to market economy by planned economy system period. Production value of Chinese furniture property rises from 1.08 billion yuan reach 4.108 billion yuan, exit rises from 24.79 million dollar to 76.65 million dollar, the development that has an industry for the country in henceforth laid good foundation.

The following 1988 20 years, rise abruptly quickly of economy of Chinese civilian battalion, of the move of enterprise of Hong Kong and Taiwan and foreign capital enterprise enter, the country in driving provided course of study to enter high speed to develop period. 2007 year, total output value of Chinese furniture annual 540 billion yuan of RMB, occupy about in those days global furniture total output value 25% of 307 billion dollar; Annual exports twenty-two billion six hundred and seventeen million dollar, occupy in those days 22.6% what world furniture commerce measures 100 billion dollar. From 1988 to 19 years of 2007, furniture production value grew 130 times, year grow 29.27% ; Furniture exit forehead grew 294 times, year grow 34.90% .

Nowadays, chinese furniture line of business had formed large company to give priority to the pattern of body for bibcock, small and medium sized business, manufacturing technology respect introduces international in great quantities advanced treatment facilities and craft, have advanced process capability and manufacturing requirement, have giant production, management and sale team and fluctuation to swim at the same time complete industrial catenary, and product breed class is all ready, furniture is current industry developeds, professional market grows quickly, can satisfy the requirement of need of progress of national civilian economy and people life and international market basically, furniture line of business already made the essential industry of national economy. Bead Www.zsj-furniture.com of trigonometry furniture net is reprinted from bead trigonometry home has a cable the 41st period
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