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Furniture achieves a design to be not worth a product formerly additional cost i
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Develop quality of association of furniture of academy, China, China by China before long afore 10 thousand lis of travel promote the brand strategy that can be in Guangdong Fosan to hold and furniture industry to develop high-level seminar to go up, the famous furniture company such as many 30 expert and golden Fuji thinks consistently, homebred furniture wants to be done further strong, in start design and product formerly additional cost increases reaching strong brand to breed implementation break out of an encirclement is an outlet.

According to secretary-general of Chinese furniture association Zhang Bing puts the introduction on the ice, through development of 30 years, our country already grew to the first furniture is produced and export big country for the world. This year, suffer the United States second the influence that lends the crisis and inflation, purchasing power of international market furniture drops quickly. Meanwhile, suffer strength of our country macroscopical adjusting control to increase and raw material rises in price, the RMB appreciates the influence that waits for an element, homebred furniture front is facing unprecedented grim challenge. Large quantities of furniture companies come from the development pressure of domestic and international market to answer, begin by straight face turns inside export home market. Below this kind of circumstance, brand construction appears particularly important, and the lack of old brand is the problem that industry of current China furniture is badly in need of solving.

"If Chinese furniture company hopes alive bound lives in the market to have more as, rely on cheap price break out of an encirclement impossibly, want to rely on quality get victory not only, start a design formerly cannot oversight. " Li Yongji of standing vise general manager of golden Fuji company says. He expresses further, in the light of furniture the person of the same trade is sufferring at present " domestic trouble and foreign invasion " , the most ultimate means of settlement should promote products plan namely, carry high yield to taste additional cost, create strong brand.

It is reported, chinese furniture line of business is annual the product value of keep long in stock reachs 40 billion yuan in 30 billion yuan. Investigate its reason, depend on the market on one hand significant demand is insufficient, because class of great majority product is low,be on the other hand, model is similar, cannot form fractionize market.

Delegate of enterprise attending the meeting puts forward acutely, current, domestic company designs a respect in furniture research and development still more depend on Euramerican exotic, the be current in the industry " take doctrine " . To this, li Yongji has feeling ground greatly to say, what this affected Chinese furniture directly not only is former achieve a gender, create the bad image that contest of Chinese aggravate low sells, and return those who go against oneself brand to breed. "Golden Fuji go up oneself 90 time metaphase established the century center of furniture product research and development, all the time since insist to start a design formerly, good example was established in the industry. " Zhang Bing puts an evaluation on the ice to say.
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