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Furniture industry channel is combed greatly make as current as channel spread o
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Production enterprise and channel are current the enterprise is a pair of contradiction forever: Intersect photograph be in harmony, mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements. Furniture industry also is such. The channel that furniture industry is a model is current the brand is strong the industry at making a brand, because will tell to average consumer, they often remember themselves only is the furniture that buys where, and the furniture that writing down what do not remove oneself to buy is what brand. Nevertheless, to this kind of current situation, production enterprise also begins a lot of furniture vigilant. As make those who create company force expand gradually, they began the hard rich play chess of business of as current as the tradition channel, furniture industry also appears from this gave mixed channel pattern...

  One, exhibit meeting channel

Exhibit to be being depended on badly can live, for the furniture industry that grow, one domestic and international large volume is minor all sorts of exhibiting can be agency of furniture product flow direction, consumer undoubtedly " gold channel " . It how use this one platform to do is good to how use this one platform to do postpone meeting sale, had become numerous furniture company cannot the problem of oversight, also be one of crucial factors that business development expands at the same time.

The professional furniture exhibition of our country is greatly small have more than 20 about, the scholar is their cent two kinds probably: One kind is base of basis furniture industry or central city, or above both holds concurrently and have and held professional furniture fair; Another kind is the central city that depends on some administration area, it is an unit in order to save mostly, and area of border district of week of radiate of give attention to two or morethings and held professional furniture fair, make the window that shows area furniture line of business. Differentiate from this kind in light of angle, guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, suitable heart was mixed every year in March in August (because Olympic Games relation is adjusted,be 8 years in September) held furniture fair and Shanghai held in September " exhibition of China International furniture " belong to apparently former, and the fair that and other places of sweet river of Chengdu, Heibei holds belongs to latter.

Of course, these exhibit home can specialization with respect to its degree, be like the United States with abroad grand of division of Milan of high point, Italy, Germany exhibit meeting comparing, still differ further.

   2, mode of representative, distribute

Exhibiting can be a segment that furniture product enters consumer, have the aid of exhibits the bridge of the meeting, furniture production company can be faced with next channel link commonly next -- agent or agency.

Grain clear agent and agency division are other and pivotal, it is to see commercial main body whether need to buy a product from manufacturer, acquire product property. The representative is acting enterprise does the business, not be the product that buys outright an enterprise, is a kind of when manufacturer gives certain specified amount to spend management behavior, the droit of goods still belongs to manufacturer. The product is not for private use, take the place of however pass on of enterprise general product at the market. Alleged " agent " , it is to point to the commercial unit that earns industry representative middleman's fee commonly, its close tether is " manufacturer -- (agent) -- consumer " . Distribute is to use fund direct from company replenish onr's stock, and goods pass on the market action at the market, the product also is not for private use likewise. Alleged " agency " , one kind is to point to those from the enterprise with money exchange goods, acquire the commercial unit of product droit, its close tether is " manufacturer -- agency agency -- consumer " .
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