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Furniture industry will be entered new round shuffle and pattern recombines
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The near future, the author is in visit happy from furniture city when, hear the voice of a lot of likeness: "Off-season, the business is bad to do " , " the business is differred one year than a year " , " market competition is too intense now " ... it is reported, arrived every year April July is the season with furniture relatively cold sale, this year off-season letting a person believe the market however is battlefield. Pick of content contest season, survival of the fittest -- , since biology rule, it is market rule more. Accordingly, will enter 2008 new round shuffle and pattern recombines.

Export market lasts fall after a rise as we have learned, from last year mixed June the restricted policy that the country published two foreign trade in succession July. The first, reduce exit drawback, cause a few enterprises that rely on drawback to live and foreign trade company to be able to wander in exit only so besides the gate. The 2nd, the supplied materials that examines and approve the sea to bring a district no longer processes a business (OEM) , allow these to machine an enterprise to go toward Chinese center-west region only. Actually, these two policy are limitative product exit completely. Why national restriction exit company grows, the mainest reason is Chinese foreign exchange reserve too big, had made the whole world now country of the biggest foreign exchange reserve. But, present dollar is the sweet potato of very hot hand, the insipidity that feed, abandon regrettablly. To this year the end of the year, the dollar may fall to 6 yuan or so, the company that makes a mouth so should be evaluated well, in the end is not to multiply 6.5 above, multiply however 6. Such, the dollar is laid in morer, chinese loss is bigger. That why doesn't China throw a dollar? Because of the dollar store too big, we are cast so that mix more more fast, it can drop more to mix more fast, this is the consideration that the country does not urge many exit furniture.

Although China still is maintaining world furniture to export the position of the biggest country, but turn over dumping, Yuan Fucai makings to rise, the RMB appreciates, exit drawback rate falls, the influence that labor cost carries element of advanced inside and outside, the country in been cause provides exit to grow speed to last fall after a rise, since this year happy the vivosphere that relies on 60% above exit from furniture market appears more narrower than in former years, according to investigation, come now happy hold ark amount everyday from the foreign business support of the people that purchase relatively the corresponding period dropped last year 50% the left and right sides.

Competition of market of sale in domestic market is intense international market suffocate suffocate causes very much past to basically rely on exit model home market of big company fight in some places one by one, these enterprise great majority are foreign capital and large company, market of sale in domestic market of their fight in some places one by one, move mostly uncommon, weathy, assure from products plan, quality without giving thought to, the technology tackles key problem, still be concept of market development, sale, after service monarchs alone shortcut, this increased more intense competition pressure to the home market that has with respect to wind unboiled water originally. The country in occupying assist national data, market of sale in domestic market has maintained the growth of 15% above for years continuously, year sales volume broke through 400 billion RMB. Such extremely huge cake attracted a large number of enterprises to march ceaselessly furniture market, as synchronous also as management area of this correspondence and Chinese furniture market growth, this among them, the chain store of renown brand bazaar mixes You Yizhi what management area exceeds 200 thousand square metre is gigantic without bully ceaseless emerge in large numbers highlights professional market most, cause furniture to sell a just a little from before kind the market is perpetual to 34 kinds of markets rapid spread is allowed, cause competition of market of sale in domestic market to pervade the urban and rural market of great river north and south, can say furniture market now is competition nowhere is absent, when notting have, do not have, add business to spread hire to rise ceaselessly, rise ceaselessly with cost of material artificially. The enterprise of the irrelevant in letting the business sea that competes in the market originally is to be pressed suffocatively more come. Accordingly, in Le Conghe Long Jiang is managed and the advertisement paste of the carry out ground of manufacturing furniture is in, discover flourishing spreads the advertisement that lets be made over with manufacturer not hard. As we have learned some of medium and small businesses cannot live be forced to turn to go or be in debt " abscond " the phenomenon happens from time to tome.
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