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Household sells a try to show happyness when one is sad secretly the bad news in
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In Shanghai river bay the market of 100 An Jujian lumber near 5 horn field, Shanghai too the market of building materials furniture on road of hill of the bazaar of furniture of golden sea horse on the road, appropriate, the reporter saw numerous furniture sells hitting bright red " sales promotion " advertisement, and come round the client of patronage is very few, purchaser of prep let alone.

And a data that comes from Shanghai furniture association shows, come nearly 2 years, all sorts of exceed with what furniture sale gives priority to large sell of field add newly rate achieve 20% to 30% .

It is at the same time desperately outspread, be sales volume at the same time glide. Jiashanghong watchs the depression of economic situation, of raw material rise, furniture sells it is hold back after all sufficient an ante, be still in " try to show happyness when one is sad secretly anxious " ?

Does mad dilate go into development regular?

The thing is returned from speak of 2 years ago.

2006, so-called cover an area of total floor area to amount to 750 thousand square metre auspicious to fill village of furniture of Wei state international to begin to begin construction; is same year, lunar star group leaves build the 100 thousand oversize of smooth rice to live in square, will build round-the-world home 2 years to act the role of in 130 plot at future read extensively center... from now on, a furniture sells the mad and outspread tide of field to begin to be in Shanghai arisen.

Meanwhile, more the personage inside course of study alleges, consume a climax the 3rd times with the furniture of mature high end and feature of high-quality goods melt into coming, consume the demand of the height to be satisfied the 3rd times, the practice with furniture best industry is the rate that should accelerate set up shop.

However, the data that the reporter obtains from Shanghai furniture guild shows, by 2005, shanghai is large and medium-sized furniture major bazaar exceeds 2 million square metre, and Shanghai furniture consumes 140 100 million, furniture sells a turnover of every months of every square metre to be more than 300 yuan only.

If say furniture sells the mad dilate of field before two years,be the auspicious situation that took a fancy to household industry, so the whole as market environment is low fan, what can furniture sells the outspread argument of field be?

June 2008, the red star that total dimensions amounts to 300 thousand square is beautiful triumphant dragon is round-the-world household design reads extensively the center is in Shanghai true north road does business formally, in all of 6 buildings this so-called " the world is the greatest household MALL " , having close three-layer is to use the sale that serves as furniture. is almost meanwhile, the first when triumphant dragon of red star beauty is in Zhejiang " foothold " also appear formally in Hangzhou.
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