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Children furniture rises in price darling gives heat build-up is direct element
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  This year, price of domestic children furniture has generally rise trend, especially furniture of domestic brand children, have different rate go up. Be what reason brings about children furniture to rise in price after all?

   One, raw material rises in price is external cause

The price of the floor is successive a few months will change again, the going that appears to rise all the way situation. Contrasted the price of nearly a few months needs floor of a real wood, discover 2 yuan many to with the price May difference was every square metre July. Distributors thinks generally, rise in price agitation already was swept across at present to major furniture product, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, wooden furniture the price this year rises already exceeded 10 % , this distributors is forecasted, still can continue to go up next. Because prospective lumber supplies insecurity, rising in price will be industry whole trend, what place of domestic furniture line of business is faced with is persistent cost pressure.

In fact, because raw material rises in price, rate of furniture exit drawback is reduced, increase with sale cost artificially wait for all sorts of reasons, this year first half of the year, the price of domestic furniture appeared new round rise, especially wooden furniture, deserve to act the role of, the product such as mattess, sofa. And photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year, furniture raw material, artificial rose in price 10 % arrives 30 % , the furniture producer price of all sorts of class also has different rate rise. Except lumber raw material rises in price outside the element, of the material inside furniture the main factor that rising in price also is wave motion of influence furniture price, include hardware for instance the chemical material such as uses aluminous material, stainless steel, paint, glue. Watch of partial furniture manufacturer is shown, will continue to adjust the price to answer raw material to rise in price in October, go up will come in 10 % 15 % . The price of brand children furniture also can rise along with material and change.

   2, darling gives heat build-up is direct element

Children is the home forever in " leading role " , as economic development, people income also increases with each passing day, in beginning to consider to have children high-grade consumable. Accordingly, brand children furniture also presents hot trend all the time in recent years. Second half of the year, as more " Olympic Games darling " be born, parents can spend idea be " Olympic Games darling " dress up a room, urge market of hot children furniture from this. Face cost to rise bring those who send furniture price " go up situation Xiong Xiong " , consumer and manufacturer have brushstroke Zhang in the heart. The personage inside course of study is analysed, furniture rises in price is pressure to consumer, it is pressure more to manufacturer and agency, but consumer can be passed search substitute or simplify the means compasses that decorate avoids rise in price agitation. To the manufacturer character, assume more cost pressure, reach profit reductive pressure, be like children furniture it is this year necessarily the one big heat of market of furniture of second half of the year, but the manufacturer also must consider it into this.
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