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10 household sell Jin Jiuyin a sale that perform " broken city " battle
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"Jin Jiuyin 10 " it is annual each industry businessman sells most busy season, to course of study of outfit cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, september, dry,crisp air of autumn in October, also be the best season that traditional Chinese clothes of a year repairs.

Although suffer effect of element of a lot of economy, those who lived in an industry to spend a chilly in 78 months of collective is off-season, but without giving thought to market environment how, consumer is in the impulse of money of 11 long artificial flower, the mood that businessman collect person enrages won't change, the market can have to go tall " impulse " . When the reporter is visited, discover, each household sells to strive for more client natural resources, fight with his back to the river-fight to win or die already.

     Battle of ● sales promotion still smoke of gunpowder diffuses

Sales promotion battle is businessmen's changeless sale strategy, reporter from beauty of red star · triumphant dragon, Ou Kailong, Oriental international lives in square, home to get city of treasure, phoenix to wait for household of material of each a lunar month of 30 days to sell an understanding to arrive, current, of each businessman " depreciate sales promotion " resource has prepared to reach the designated position.

Among them, triumphant dragon of beauty of red star · is in by chance 11 during will greet first inn to celebrate, its hand in hand each old famous brand adopts a variety of measures yielding benefit, of all kinds household commodity price is drawn point-blank low, pass on consumer. The home got treasure to also be pushed " the National Day that grab a beach lives in the market " series activity, acceptance is offerring close and high quality building materials commodity, individual human nature to change the foundation of the service to go up to broad consumer, the commodity that compares with tall sex price and multinomial Jing explode favourable activity " grab a beach " 11 markets, hit " full 500 yuan send 300 yuan of certificate " tall discount.

Furniture of 4 big high-quality goods interlinks Ou Kailong inn general together international of more than 500 home is famous brand furnisher, exceed low furniture for counting a money especially directly, unprecedented of its privilege extent. During National Day grows a holiday, every interlinks bazaar to buy the customer of furniture in furniture of either of dragon of Ou Kai, what buy a brand according to place is different the privilege that can enjoy distinct range, buy furniture full 10 thousand yuan highest can send value 5000 yuan furniture. In the meantime, buy furniture to still can be participated in draw praise, win take microwave oven of computer of 10 thousand yuan of cash, notebook, famous brand, National Day the surprise such as elegant gift is big ceremony, win a prize in a lottery is led 100% .

Square of Oriental international household was rolled out " hurricane of National Day privilege " activity. During the activity, will have 10 thousand colors the furniture of each different is brand-new appear. Additional, bazaar still will take out many yuan 1000 sales promotion resource, lift mad tide of a privilege, "Buy furniture, give home appliance " , " buy furniture, break golden egg, brick winning gold, cash " , " buy furniture, support the fund that buy a house " , " purchase midnight special performance " wait for multinomial activity to be rolled out at the same time.
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