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Overseas market changes Fosan furniture to half of care of exit happy event
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This year August the middle ten days of a month, the United States raised furniture to import formaldehyde to release a level, spearhead of this one measure points to Chinese furniture line of business continuously, this also is afterwards European Union was rolled out in June " register about chemical, evaluate, accredit and limitative system " our country furniture exports susceptive of course of study to be hit another times since new regulation.

Fosan examines quarantine bureau expresses about chief, press the standard of set limit to of the first phase, "The sampling observation percent of pass that the near future releases a quantity to formaldehyde of Fosan woodiness furniture is very not ideal, the requirement of new standard of short of of furniture of great majority woodiness, situation of exit of below one phase is very grim, it is new test to the enterprise " . Below a variety of difficult form circumstances, fosan furniture industry gets lost abroad export market in succession east alliance area. The personage inside course of study expresses, up to now, alliance gives buccal market to rise a situation east satisfactory, xiang Liang sex develops transition of company of a lot of furniture.

Alliance becomes extroversion company point of growth east

In recent years, in experienced raw material to rise in price, carriage cost rises and financial crisis is multiple after disturbance, furniture industry greeted western country to be intercepted with turning over what the dumping is excuse to chase again, below situation of this one international, furniture industry must consider to export the change of the market, involve count of a data according to Guangdong sea, this year 1 ~ in May, guangdong exports furniture 4.14 billion dollar, than last year the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) grow 24.6% considerably, the home provides exit to still maintain powerful growth momentum. This year amplitude of Guangdong whole exit was 1 ~ in May below the circumstance of 15.6% , furniture exit still has stronger comparison advantage. The United States still is the field of the mainest city that Guangdong furniture exports, but suffer the United States to be opposite China the impact that furniture counters a dumping, 1 ~ put delay somewhat to American exit in May this year, exit forehead is 1.68 billion dollar, grow 10.1% , export amplitude photograph to compare with furniture of Guangdong of the corresponding period low 14.5% . Below the case that puts delay somewhat to American exit, guangdong furniture is being developed east the outstanding achievement that alliance market respect obtained arrogant person however. Guangdong was opposite 1 ~ in May east alliance exports furniture 140 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period broke up one time, alliance already made the 5th big market that Guangdong furniture exports east, become Guangdong furniture to develop a new window of the international market.

Affection of North America maple Mr Wu tells floor Fosan controller the reporter, because international exports environmental change, the product of this company is early had begun a few years to change middle east to the market, as southeast Asia market gradually active, this brand also begins to intensify layout east alliance, although export east the main way that alliance has not become a company, but will look according to foregone circumstance east alliance market is behaved very actively really.
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