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5 old furniture are exhibited bead trigonometry furniture exhibits rise from all
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A person of academic or artistic distinction of the 20th exposition of furniture of international of the 22nd Guangzhou, international is provided (Dongguan) exhibit, furniture of international of the 23rd Shenzhen is exhibited, furniture of the 16th Long Jiang is exhibited, exhibition of furniture of international of the 14th Shanghai... from go up 19 days month to arrive today, in a short month, domestic furniture industry is intense held 5 large furniture to exhibit meeting.

In visitting, reporter discovery, the suitable heart of door mouth exhibited gradually little instead person to allude. In fact, long Jiang is production base of suitable heart furniture, since holding high-quality goods of furniture of the first dragon to exhibit 2001, advantage of country of origin optimized this town have the aid of to be able to exhibit resource, there all is a breakthrough on area, class. In the meantime, happy from although furniture is made,not be a strong point, but long-term and active furnisher trade market has made its become what never ring down the curtain " of Chinese furniture trade " , and optional location is happy come from Long Jiang from the business that builds sale network. Once, the suitable heart furniture that props up by town of military importance of two large trades is exhibited, accept favour fully in domestic and international travelling merchant by right of driving actual strength. A manufacturer is recollected, "When Long Jiazhan is hot, got on even the flower bed of the doorway to swarm a person! Got on even the flower bed of the doorway to swarm a person!!

Traffic becomes the obstacle that greet a visitor

"The exhibition must form dimensions, place new product, can be the overall arrangement that Long Jiang extends appears cabined " , li Zupei of the manager outside province of center of sale of limited company of furniture of Guangzhou acute grand expresses. Yesterday, in Long Jiang ongoing meeting exhibits central doorway, the reporter observes, enterprise of a few this locality accepts restriction of exhibition hall area, can use the means volunteer one's services that sends the handbill only.

Consult data discovery, pa continent furniture exhibits a house to 130 thousand square metre, Shenzhen has 200 thousand square metre, dongguan has 240 thousand square metre, shanghai has 350 thousand square metre, and Long Jiang has 40 thousand much square metre only. "Not only scale is not large, also compare do sth over and over again back and forth! " Li Zupei frankly speaking, the enterprise that he is in is given priority to with sale in domestic market, attend dragon Jiang Hele from furniture can be not exhibited below 10 times, every time impressive.

"Traffic is too no-go, embrace the traffic that block up to want to waste many time. 3 days of right-and-left meetings are exhibited, we carry item on display to make a round trip, be about to spend a few hours! " Li Zupei says. Many cloth exhibit business to have the same feeling, the old freight car that the road around does not cease to Yu Chuan shedding really narrow narrow. The sale controller Liu Huarong that arranges De Yili to think of furniture manufactory gave out directly oneself offer, freeway of proposal van bypass, surround in Long Jiangzhou execute traffic billabong.
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